News & Knowledge

In this section, a reflection of actual news and information categories and layout is presented to illustrate what the members of enjoy on a daily basis. A brief text describes how each content is organized and the philosophy of information gathering.

At the top there are 2 types of menus. The first one offers the last five days in full, easily from the left to the right.

The second (grey) menu offers all postings on each thematic category or column along with all updates in this category. Each category has latest pieces at the top, followed be the most recent ones and at the bottom of the page there is a pagination link for browsing throughout the archive.

Top stories

Our very own “front page”. A selection of the most important news items of the day with the appropriate level of detail. The protagonists in national politics, significant economic developments and important social trends. Greece as an EU member and as an active player on the world stage.

GOV action

Government initiatives, policies, MP and cadres’ actions, local leaders’ viewsm as well as activity on the sidelines of party politics. Party interests, governance and ministry policies.

Shadow GOV

Main Opposition activities, policies and MP statements in their areas of responsibility. Disagreement and juxtaposition reveal alternative political discourse and courses of action, or their lack of.

Opposition [other parties]

At the end of the first decade of the 21st century, party politics are revisited across the political spectrum. Smaller parties and independent initiatives challenge the interest of people and pollsters.

Cyber TALK

Serious analysis and views, along with speculation, background developments and rumors as reflected in major Greek political websites and blogish journalism.

MEDIA Readings

Essential comments and views by key-newspaper columnists who set the news agenda in Greece by drawing paths of reality checks through their daily writings.