About the Network

dailyGreece.net is an English language, web-based private information network for the delivery of news, information and knowledge.

Politics, the economy, social issues, context, analysis and editorials are provided by a team of experienced journalists, scholars and researchers on an innovative platform.

dailyGreece.net is a meta-news service, offering comprehensive and processed news items to a select high profile client base. It is also a knowledge environment that presents background and context, analysis and insights and a selection of value-added information.

We deliver news and explore knowledge for the sophisticated reader who acknowledges the value of knowing what is going on behind the headlines.

It is required reading for leading decision makers who wish to be fully and responsibly informed at the start of their workday.

It is updated every working day at 10:00 am Athens time (08.00 GMT).

The privacy of the Network secures its independence from influences and established forces, aiming exclusively at credible news gathering, analysis and information management. What we do is the result of credible and accurate information management. Partisan views and activities are scrutinized but not censored to promote plurality and contribute to a full reflection of current affairs in Greece in times of crisis and beyond.

dailyGreece.net, as a private network and a meta-journalism environment, does not rely on advertisements and heavy visitor traffic. More importantly, we are not constrained by traditional news pressures or other partisan interests.

Our core belief is that credible and value added information services are the essence of an information society, especially for influential leaders and decision makers who require a trustworthy flow of information.


“ The news does not tell you how the seed is germinating in the ground… it may tell you when the first sprout breaks through the surface. It may even tell you what somebody says is happening to the seed under ground…”