- What is exactly dailyGreece.net?

dailyGreece.net is an English language, web-based information network. It is an innovative way designed for personalized delivery of daily news, information and advanced knowledge on Greece.

- Why Greece …in English?

Because Greece is at the epicenter of a very particular crisis that, by default, presents itself as a great starting point for an EU-wide and even global phenomenon. Exploring national competitive advantages, as well as innovative added value services can be essential elements of a national redesign and a necessary restart. Decision makers need to have access to credible content that endorses a holistic approach to current developments, views and contextual knowledge.

- How often is it being updated?

The Core news feed is updated every working day at 10.00 am (08.00 GMT). The agenda of the day is presented in a concise and clear way, assisted by an adequate amount of imagery to connect discussions and developments with its protagonists.

- What sort of content does it carry?

Content incorporated on dailyGreece.net abides by the general motto of the Network: News and Knowledge. We believe that if in good times we needed news, in hard times we need advanced information management to understand developments, in order to embrace reality in a knowledgeable, timely fashion way, which aids in making decisions.

- What do you mean by “News and Knowledge”?

The website is a meta-news service, offering comprehensive and processed news items to a high profile client base.  It is also a knowledge environment that offers background and context, analysis and insights and a selection of value-added information.

- What are the sources? How do you treat them?

For the news section, we collect information from all types of news media in Greece, putting more emphasis on the immediacy of the internet but also the maturity of newspapers. Throughout the day, we scan the local news environment as well as government sources. For the other sections of the website, our criterion is all sources that treat Greece in a serious way.

- What is meta-journalism?

Meta-journalism is developed in a new environment, beyond the limitations of traditional media and the immature immediacy of the first generation online news. It is the function that produces a synthesis of precise and carefully processed pieces of information that are factual-based and partisan free. Meta-journalism is keeping a distance from partisanship and political editorialization and creates a new era of how public information is disseminated, since it acknowledges that once becoming digital, original sources can now argue on their own.

- What do you mean by “Content on Demand”?

“Content on Demand” or “Special Topic” is a pilot service designed to offer the opportunity for content that a dailyGreece Member needs on an exclusive basis.  It is charged differently and could include in-depth analysis of a particular issue, special analysis on current affairs, or tailor-made research reports. Members will be soon notified about areas of expertise that can be immediately covered, as well as the potential to expand thus covering broader fields.

- Why should I become a member?

Being a member at dailyGeece.net means that you are looking for fact-based, vested-interest-free news briefs, background and context, as well as broader intellectual points of entry.

- How do I become a member?

Visitors who are interested in becoming a member of the Network can visit www.dailygreece.net/english, choose a subscription option and then follow the process. After completion of the subscription fee that is processed at the beginning of each membership period, the visitor goes through a simple registration process.

- How do I navigate through content?

The architecture of the service allows multiple ways of navigation through content. An easy way to start is to click on the most recent date appearing under the logo, first from the left. On this line, the last five days are presented in a row. Below, in the thematic menu, navigation throughout themes and subject areas presents most recent pieces, followed by archive presentation. The Calendar on the right is the easiest way to go through all previous days by clicking on relevant dates. Finally, the best entry point for printing is via the printer button in the middle of all web-pages. By clicking on any date in the Calendar and then the printer, a laid out report of that date is produced.

- Is there any site map I can follow?

An analytical presentation can be found on the “News & Knowledge” section here.

- How do I communicate with the Team?

You can use the Contact form here and address any questions or remarks to the Editor of dailyGreece.net.

- How do I cancel my membership?

Cancellation of membership means canceling the dedicated payment order in the paypal account that renews the membership at the end of each period. This means that membership will remain active until the end of the period already covered by payment.

- How can I get “one-off” membership for a closed period of time?

Memberships are offered on a 1-month, 3-month and 6-month basis. After selecting the duration and submitting the first payment, dedicated payment order in the PayPal account can be cancelled. Thus, membership is not renewed at the end of respected period.

- Why PayPal?

dailyGreece.net as a virtual company is promoting digital ways and means at all aspects of personal and professional life as well as digital economy at large. Thus we promote modern and safe processes in order to deliver added value, personalized content. PayPal is the safest and easiest way for members to perform transactions online.

- What are the plans for the future?

dailyGreece.net is an intellectual one-stop-shop on Greece, in English. Design of future added value services is already under way, aiming at the enrichment of the experience towards further information management.